HOLE 16 - 18

A dog leg left par 5 requires a good tee shot over the hedge aiming at or just left of the marker post. This should leave a decent view up the hill to the green. A bunker guards the front but a shot just to the right of it will generally still find the surface or leave an easy chip if not.

A sharp dog leg left means your tee shot needs to be as far down the fairway as possible to leave a clear shot at the green. If you've managed this, then a short iron awaits to the green protected by a solitary bunker on the left. Big hitters can again take the green on but it is not for the faint hearted.

A par 3 to finish that's not the longest but a good shot needed none the less. Two bunkers guard the front and a ridge across the green means that just hitting the target doesn't guarantee a par.