Lessons with Mark



30 Minute Lesson with Video Analysis 


45 Minute gapping session using Foresight Sports GC3


1 Hour lesson on the course


2 Hour lesson on the course


18 Hole Playing Lesson 





4 x 30 Minute lessons for the price of 3


9 Hole playing lesson with a follow up 30 minute range lesson


4 Individual lessons and a 1 Hour lesson on the course


4 Individual lessons and a 2 Hour lesson on the course


30 Minute Lesson with Video Analysis           £25

This lesson can be used for golfers of any ability either as a first go at the game or as a way of fixing the faults that most golfers pick up along the way. The video aspect allows us to see every part of the swing at 120 frames per second and stop it at any point to see what's going right and wrong. To the right are two stills, one at impact

and one at address.

40 Minute Club Gapping Session using Foresight Sports GC3 £35

This session is just as important as a lesson because it doesn’t matter how well you are hitting the ball if you are not sure how far you are hitting it and what clubs go what distances.
This is also a great way of making sure that every club in your bag does a different job and that there is no overlaps or gaps. Ideally every club should go its own specific distance and then when you are on the course you will always have the right club for the job. As part of this session you will receive a full sheet of all your data and I will assist you in highlighting any gaps and offer recommendations of what would be best to fill them with.

                   Lessons on the Course                      

1 Hour £40

 2 Hour £60

18 Hole £100

These lessons are the ideal opportunity to have a look at every aspect of your game: tee shots, fairway woods, iron play, short game and putting all in one lesson. For established golfers this can be a great first lesson in order to complete a full assessment of your game and work out a lesson plan going forward. For beginners it's a great lesson to add at the end of a course of 4 individual lessons as a way of showing how to put all you’ve learnt into practice and what needs continued work going forwards. Available in one or two hour sessions and full 18 hole.