Teams / Matches


Wheathill have 4 teams competing in the Avalon League, please contact the relevant team captain if you are interested in playing.

Avalon A, Avalon B, Avalon C, Avalon Seniors.

Wheathill also offers mixed team golf in 2 teams within the Three Counties League. Please contact the relevant captain if you are interested in participating, we look forward to welcoming you.

Wheathill Ladies Section offers numerous opportunities to get involved in team golf, matches and competitions.

Please contact our Lady Captain or competition secretary if you would like to get involved.

As well as having a team participating in the Avalon Seniors League, we also compete with many other West Country clubs in a series of home and away matches. Please contact the Senior Captain if you would like

to get involved.

Wheathill welcomes Junior golfers and our members participate in various Junior League Meetings

at other clubs. 

We have a commitment to getting Juniors actively involved in both the game and club activities.