HOLE 4 - 6

A good tee shot leaves you a short/mid iron to the green. Just make sure to take enough club to clear the ditch short of the green and be aware as the ditch opens up to a pond for any ball falling short and right.

The second of our par 3's plays a similar length to the first off the yellow tees but playing off the white tees does make a difference and plays a lot longer up the hill. The green has a narrow entrance guarded by a bunker on either side but opens up once you get past them to a two tier green. The safe shot is past the bunkers at the middle of the green, regardless of pin position.

A tree in the middle of the ideal line means you need a good shot off the tee to find the fairway. Longer hitters will be able to hit straight over the top, while shorter hitters will have to guide their shot around it. Once approaching the green there are bunkers left and a large tree right waiting to catch any wayward shots. The green itself slopes from back to front.